Tick research since 2002

Werner Johansson, a volunteer tick researcher, has been painstakingly examining ticks since 2002, primarily to improve Lyme disease prevention. After all, almost everyone knows someone who is affected by it.

There are many well-intentioned recommendations for protection against tick-borne diseases.

I am currently working on my recommendations, which will be incorporated shortly. You will be surprised how different, but logical they are.

I have summarised some of the results of my research for you here:

Werner Johansson untersucht eine Zecke im Labor
Zecken und Haare in einem Gefäß.
Zange vs Schlinge

"Alleged secret tips for killing" – are they effective? 

  • Washing machine: Clothes should be washed at at least 50°C, as ticks only die at 42°C body temperature. The ticks survive 40° without any problems.
  • Oven: Preheated at 110°C convection, the animals were still alive after five minutes in a thin traditional jacket! The jacket protects.
  • Freezer: Even after more than an hour at -22°C, the ticks that had previously survived the oven test were still alive in the same jacket after thawing (thanks to the jacket).
  • In the dryer: After one and a half hours of operation with the setting "cupboard dry and gentle", all the ticks were dead.
  • Unter Wasser: Die letzte Zecke starb nach etwa vier Wochen unter Wasser. Das heißt: Zecken möglichst nicht im WC herunterspülen!
  • Microwave: All the ticks were dead only after about two minutes. Before that, the container melted!
  • My latest and best tip: Ticks in clothing, regardless of size, die within three seconds on contact with 60°C hot water. According to the manufacturers, 30°C laundry will not be damaged when soaked. Loose ticks can simply be placed in a cup of boiling water.
Entwicklungsstadien von Zecken